Put ALL PlayMark requests in queue, not just lates one

This will likely lead to a feature enhancement request. But perhaps I misunderstand the feature.

When I use the PlayMark feature to record various videos from web browser pages, I have found that, if I use PlayMark to request videos from more than one page, the requests will overwrite one another within Playon -- unless I wait for each to successfully be recorded before I use PlayMark to request the next one.

It appears that the PlayMark feature can make only ONE entrry in the "Record Queue". Therefore, PlayOn's failure to record the web pages I have requested is not even reflected in the "Failed Recordings" messages.

This is somewhat problematic for me while doing research projects. The PlayMark features "seems" to function in a manner analogous to bookmarking a web page. But because PlayOn simply overwrites successive PlayMark "Record" requests rather than placing them into its "Record Queue", the PlayMark feature does not fulfill reasonable expectations. The PlayMark feature really DOES need to be enhanced accordingly, would you not agree?

I've been a software developer myself, so I can envision that might make such a feature enhancment relatively simple. However, I know that a seemingly "simple" change can sometimes require otherwise unnecessary overhauls to parts of an applicaitons which are currently working perfectly well.

Please do put my request on your feature enhancement list. I will leave it to you folks to assign it an appropriate priority. Thanks very much!


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