7 year customer........ my thoughts

7 years, 143 support tickets opened.  Original Lifetime license, then forced to convert to annual with "new" product name, now we have the cloud.  Generally, Playon Home works..... most of the time.  At best, I can say it's becoming unstable for me.  I always run the newest versions since that is the answer to resolve my tickets and I'm trying to be proactive.  Episodes - I have to restart several times to get a good recording, too many support tickets, although the support teams do seem to try to resolve the issues it may take a while to get the next version that fixes an issue.  It seems like development and support efforts are being turned to the Cloud product, but even that is unpredictable and recordings fail/credits are returned.  And it's very frustrating that there is no progress in adding support for new streaming services, like Fubo, Youtube TV, etc, but for now, struggling on.


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