Are PlayOn Scripts still possible? Add-ons? Where/How to?

I know when I first began using PlayOn, many years ago, there was an option for scripts and at least a few different communities of folks who built and managed scripts. I think there were also add-ons, but perhaps not. I primarily used the defined channels--even as I added additional PlayOn desktop accounts to be able to more efficiently manage my DVR processes. I am getting conflicting information about whether scripts are still an option. If they are, can anyone point me to some how-to information or to any boards/forums/groups where folks discuss the matter? Same with add-ons.

If the ability does not exist, I wonder if PlayOn would consider opening the paradigm again. They could make it more stringent to be get the scripts or add-ons approved, if that were the problem.

Seems to be the wrong move to take away the ability to expand the usefulness of the software, if that is what has happened. Would appreciate any details on what transpired. 



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