macOS app is a disaster

Can someone please do something about the latest update to the macOS app?  

It is a disaster and no one at playon seems to want to respond to reviews, to email, to support requests. I mean, it's like a black hole. 

The app steals focus when it launches if playon pushes down down an in app add,  the app can't be closed by clicking on the (x) or selecting "quit" from the menu.  Hot keys also don't always work.  You have to force quit the app.  If you have another app maximized on another screen? Whelp, playon will steal focus from that screen too. 

There are no words to explain how absolutely frustrating this is. 

And here is the really bizarre and absolutely buggy/broken feature.  The app will auto launch from a closed state.  So if you've forced closed the app, if you have recordings going on in the cloud?  It will auto launch on every Mac you have once the recording is done.

This is perhaps the most concerning bug of all.  This is like malware. You cannot keep the app closed. 

Was this even tested before you pushed? 


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