Play all in a folder and/or playlists

Once you have content in a folder, sure would be nice to be able to automatically play all titles within a folder.  This is a request from my 3yo who wants to watch every episode of Bubble Guppies from start to finish.  


Even better - Playlists that include folders and individual files.  I'd be happy with a simple XML file at first but for the less technical, a UI would be needed.   On the puter would be fine - not really needed via DLNA (which I suspect could not handle this sort of interaction anyway).

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    PlayOn Support (Chris)

    DLNA media servers only serve videos that have been requested by a DLNA device. There are ways to do this, but the device has to handle it. Many of Sony's devices, for example, have an option called "Sequential Playback" that will automatically request the next video in a folder once the first one has finished.

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