Multiple file recordings

I've mentioned this before on here and was told it might be hard for some PCs to manage more than one recording at a time. So I think the default should probably stay 1 file recorded at a time, but going into the settings you can set your own limit. 


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    Julius G. Perkins, IV

    That would be interesting, but I worry about two things:

    • Bandwidth - will the videos suffer performance wise?  Lets say the line starts out with 10Mbps and one HD download consumes between 3 & 5Mbps.  You add the second and it also consumes between 3 & 5Mbps.  (We assume it won't max out at 5Mbps 100% of the time - that would probably be an issue)  Then normal internet usage bounces between 1Mbps and 3Mbps.  If there's a small period of time where there are 2 concurrent video streams and someone browsing the web and/or downloading a file (a) will Netflix downgrade the quality or does it somehow record at the highest quality possible? (b) will the video's choke/stutter & play back that way?
    • Concurrent Sessions - When I lived with a roommate he had an XBox 360 and I had a PS3.  We used to watch Netflix on his XBox & when I moved out, every now and again I couldn't watch anything on Netflix because a stream was already in use.  I know we can have up to 5 different devices accessing netflix, but I don't recall seeing anything about concurrent streams.
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    Heh, well my meaning is that those options wouldn't be available until you get to advanced settings anyhow. If you wanted to experiment with it you could :) Besides, my videos already suffer sometimes when I'm downloading one at a time on a FIOS network

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    Aly Khemani

    Would like to add my support to this also.


    Secondly and probably don't understand your complete point around bandwidth... but If someone is running this on a big server or on a T1 line, why would we not offer the option those users?  There are many ways you can control how the user chooses how many concurrent threads/sessions/feeds you want to download @ a time, like the above comment.  


    There a bunch of ways where you can spread the bandwidth download maxsize across your thread via config and etc..


    As a whole this seems like a very good feature to me if we want to compete against traditional cable companies and cable DVR that market 24x7 you can record 2, 3, 4 shows at a time and here you can say, technically of course, w/ playlater there is no limit other than the limit on the user's setup/infrastructure.



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    Mark Hensler
    No update in over 4 years... and yet still not a feature?
    According to the 2016 Broadband Progress Report by the FCC, only "10 percent of all Americans (34 million people) lack access to 25 Mbps/3 Mbps service".  I do not accept possible bandwidth constraints for a minority of the population to be a sufficient reason to limit the number of concurrent streams for all users.
    I don't accept hardware requirements as a valid reason, either.  I will admit that "gamers" have above-average computers, but it is a little harder to get an authoritative report on computer hardware.  According to Steam's Hardware & Software Survey (numbers taken from March 2018), about 70% of Steam users have 4 cores (1% have 1 core, 25% have 2 cores, 1% has 3 cores, the rest have more).  HyperThreading is supported by 45% of Steam users. 42% have 8GB of memory. 40% have 12GB or higher.
    Bottom line: Empower your users.  Let them maximize their experience on the resources they have available.
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    Robert Stock

    I have been looking for a solution to this.  I have a high-end system that would without a doubt stream/record multiple videos in HD without being taxed (8 videos before hitting 10% by my math).  I want to record faster, I have a less flashy device doing my recordings because 1 at a time is silly to power up my main system for.  I keep about 20 titles in the queue at all times and just want them to get done faster...

    I even have subscriptions that allow for a bunch of screens at a time...

    I'll probably start another thread given the age of this one, but wanted to post here first.


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