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Submitted on behalf of customer:

With the continued increase of scripts / plugins for PlayOn 
programming choices, the list of scripts/plugins to scroll through on our 
televisions is becoming longer and longer to select a programming choice 
especially if the script/plugin that we wish to watch is closer to the 
bottom of the list (on our television / DLNA devices). I believe we need to 
somehow categorize the choices and/or place the choice titles in multiple 
columns. This could be listed as text or as a small or large ICON. Of 
course, final decision always lies in the hands of you guys, the PlayOn 
software engineers / developers, who will create the final design.


Additional explanation of above suggestion:

Allow us to categorize programming. Essentially each LUA script and/or 
plugin could be placed in a folder of our choosing and that folder could be 
accessed through PlayOn from our televisions through our DLNA devices when 
selecting programming to watch. Whether that folder is inside of the 
C:\Program Files\MediaMall\plugins directory or somewhere else is more of a 
PlayOn developer design decision. In either case, the list of options 
starts with a category listing which we select first, additional 
subcategories may also be listed if the user has folders inside the main 
category folder. The PlayOn script or plugin would then be placed inside 
the final category / subcategory folder.


Example category directory / folder listing:







│ L---Movies



│ +---Chinese

│ +---Korean

│ L---Spanish


+---Live Programming











The PlayOn software would need to traverse the directory structure to 
display these categories / subcategies in order to obtain and display the 
plugins/scripts inside each of these. With this type of a category 
structure, the list of options is much smaller to scroll through. Of 
course, the user (and their families, friends, etc.) would need to remember 
where the scripts/plugins were placed.

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    Someone needs to delete some plug-ins XD If it's a common problem I'd say go for it. But when you can delete or hide so many channels I don't really understand the need for that. You can only watch one stream at a time anyhow....and there's a lot of options even by default on PlayOn

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