Timed recordings

Right now if there's a live stream of something that you can play using PlayOn, if you try to record the stream it does indeed do it...but for x amount of time which seems to be random. You also have to be there to manually start the recording. What I'd like is what many other DVRs have with a scheduled auto-start recording feature and maybe a time limit to what it records or doesn't record. Would help a lot with the next E3

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    Another small suggestion on here since you are planning on doing this idea...whenever I try to record from a live stream it comes from one source and when I download that said source using PlayLater and it comes to a stop (right now after x hours), if you try to download the stream again it'll say the file has already been downloaded. Even if you could manually label the download as a stream so it won't make it so you have to close PlayLater and restart it, and possibly move the file to another folder so it's not detected as being completed would be very useful.

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