Rename files or Save As within PlayLater

Typically television shows from providers like Hulu and Amazon Prime only same the episode name or season episode numbers.  This leaves a file that is difficult to identify with what show it is from.  Being able to rename from within PlayLater would allow the user to see the important show info that is needed in the file name to easily identify what the show is when using the files outside of the PlayLater/PlayOn applications.  

It would also be nice if the new file name could be used or set  when scheduling the show to record.  (Save As) 

There was another suggestion to Renaming Files that is set as done however that solution was just to rename files in the file explorer.  I would like to be able to rename the files from within the PlayLater application. 

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    PlayOn Support (Chris)

    Please do not create duplicate topics, even if you disagree with our response. Unfortunately, this is not possible to do right now. The file name is provided by the website. PlayLater cannot change it. We understand some websites may have incomplete information or may use a confusing name, but this can't be changed through PlayLater. The only way to change the name is to rename the file once it is complete.

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