Display more information about item currently recording

Since PlayLater currently on records one item at a time, something that can be potentially implemented

For example:

  • Current progress in time complete
  • Current progress in time and/or percentage complete and remaining, when known
  • If error, provide more details to the user about potential fixes rather than inundating your support team


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    Hmm, well I thought the percentage complete was already on there. To find out how much time it's been since it's started I think you just look at the recorded time section, although it might be nice to have a timer and time remaining.

    And for the last bit, not everyone likes a huge list of possible errors like that. So maybe just the same error message with a techie error feedback to expand out and explain more?

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    Lawrence Ficek
    Ah, it does include a progress indicator. I did not realize it because all my downloads were temporarily failing :-/

    However, for the error indicator, something like a 'more info' link for error details might be worth investigating?
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    PlayOn Support (Chris)

    PlayLater can't really offer any additional information about an error because PlayLater cannot know what happened. Your diagnostic log would have to be reviewed by a human to determine what happened. An error always means the video stopped playing (or didn't start). Anything beyond that has to be investigated through troubleshooting. If you are encountering errors, it is best to submit a support request so we can look at the logs and help you.

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