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I've got a lot of shows recorded, but on the Roku menu, it's a horizontal mess of random stuff. It would be great if each show could have it's own folder, and within their, give me sort options for "date recorded", "date aired", "season + episode number". For example, I've got 5 episodes of "How I Met Your Mother", but I don't know which is oldest or newest, so I have to go to wikipedia, look up the show, find a list of seasons, select the season, find the list of episodes sorted by episode number, then find the title, then go back to the Roku menu, find that titled episode, then watch it. If the shows were sorted on the Roku menu, it was be a HUGE time saver.

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    PlayOn Support (Chris)

    The recordings are named with their season and episode numbers, so they will be listed in order. Unfortunately, the interface you see is designed by Roku, so we can't do much about those horizontal menus. Folders won't really work because there is no way for PlayOn or PlayLater to be sure a video actually belongs in a specific folder. It would be problematic and unreliable. You can, however, sort the recordings into folders yourself on your PC if that makes browsing easier for you.

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