Network ACL / Per Device Parental Controls

I would like the ability to authorize certain devices to connect to Play-On by IP address / hostname

Such as devices in the living room or family room but not devices in a bedroom.
Devices that are authorized should have the ability to set unique parental controls for each device, rather than a global control.
Also, if content that exceeds the rating limit is selected, it would be nice to prompt for a pin, but that may not be possible depending on the
DLNA rfc, I'm not intimately familiar with it.


Connection mode: Authorized devices only
Kid's Room: Authorized - TV PG / Movies PG
Living Room: Authorized - TV: PG-13 / Movies PG-13 (Pin:1234 / 2hr reset)
Master Bedroom: Authorized - TV: Unrestricted / Movies: Unrestricted

In the above examples only the devices listed would have access to PlayOn services. Furthermore the devices have different default access levels, with the living room device having the option to enter pin 1234 to move to unrestricted for 2 hours before requiring pin input again.

Not sure if all of this is possible but most of it should be, I'd really like to see it.

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    PlayOn Support (Chris)

    This would be great and might one day be possible, but unfortunately it's not something that can be done with PlayOn right now. We get asked about a feature like this for one reason or another every once in a while, but as a DLNA/UPnP media server, any device on your network can connect to PlayOn. Parental controls can be set for PlayOn for websites that support them (e.g. Hulu, Netflix, etc.), but cannot be changed on a per-device basis.

    Being able to override parental controls is problematic because no devices can interact with a media server like PlayOn and DLNA doesn't support things like PINs. You can only browse files and request them. So even on a device that can present you with a keyboard this wouldn't work like overriding parental controls on a DVR. The closest we could get right now is presenting you with three or four layers of numbered folders and you'd have to browse in the correct sequence to enter your "PIN". That would be really terrible.

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