It's much easier for the end user to search once, rather than search every channel,  I know it's been asked in the past, but perhaps it's easier now.  Thnx


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    Raina Johnson

    I had been using guidebox.com to do the searches and then going back into Playon to queue/record/subscribe to different titles in the appropriate channel.  Granted, it was a 2 step process, but it gave me a better idea of which channel I wanted to use for certain items and whether or not a title was available to stream.  Unfortunately, guidebox just changed direction to focus only on it's API (to use behind things like roku search) and is going to stop maintaining the web view soon (not sure if the site will be shut down all together)

    I think it would be a fantastic idea for Playon to find a way to leverage the guidebox api to search across streaming channels and then provide a list of links down to the individual channel location for those videos.  I'm imagining it may also be a multi-step process for them as well:

    1. Search using guidebox api.
    2. Get list of available channels for the title from guidebox api.
    3. For each channel, search the playon channel to get the internal path to the title.
    4. Present list.

    I'm not sure if there is something they might be able to do to streamline the process a little more as the API does give a link to the individual titles in the native streaming channel's web page.  And there may be some differences in supported channels between Playon and Guidebox (supposedly has 344 sources, but Xfinity is currently not returning any results).

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    Tyler Boone


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    nnnn mm

    Not easy, I'm sure, but YES ;-)

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