Add "recently added" for local media

Add "recently added" for local media or allow one to customize and add search criteria like "recently viewed" or "last viewed" so that it is easier to navigate to the media you want. Also would be nice to be able to get at and change the metadata if it is not categorized as you want.

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    David S.

    There is no requirement that you use PlayOn as your only media server for recorded videos. I recommend you try out the Plex and Emby media servers since they have the additional features you're looking for. (Just about the only feature you won't have when watching via a different media server is AdSkipper, and you'll gain so many others.) I and many other people use Plex and PlayOn together.

    Plex has autoplay and playlist functionalities available. (Emby may too, but I don't recall one way or the other.)

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