Latest Recording Notification For Roku App

I like being able to look on my computer every day to see what new shows the subscription feature has recorded. They are easy to see from within the PlayOn desktop software in the Notifications section. I would love to see something similar from within the Roku app. It would be great if I didn’t have to go to my computer to see what the program recorded but instead could just look using my Roku to see what is new (recorded shows that I haven’t watched yet).

Even something as simple as a text/log file that I could access would be great (date/time recorded, show name, network). This would allow me to access my PlayOn server from my Roku, check what is new and pull up the new shows that I want to watch without having to go to my computer, check what has been recorded, and then pull it up on my Roku. 

I know that I could do with with Plex--I currently run a separate Plex installation. However, Plex does not have the Ad-Skip feature and since most of the show that I record, I do not keep (I delete after watching) I do not care to move them into my Plex library where I would lose Ad Skip but gain Newly Added. Something built into the Roku app would be great. Doesn't need to even be fancy, just something to let me know what has been recorded would be great.


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