I have been going round and round with support for at least 3 weeks now.  I cannot record ANYTHING on YouTube.  I have tried on two different laptops and no luck on either.  Everytime I submit a ticket I get asked to do the same 3-4 things.  Then I am asked to submit a brand new ticket and it all starts over again.

Is there some sort of trick to record YouTube or does it simply just not work?


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    Michael Q

    Interesting that you have no replies. I just downloaded this and paid for it. I did so based on using a free 30-day trial previously where downloading YouTube videos worked perfectly fine. Now that I've paid for it I can't download anything. I checked my firewall, as suggested but PlayOn is already listed as an app that's allowed through. I've just submitted a ticket so now I'm wondering what reply I'll get. Did you ever resolve your issue?


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    Steven Dee

    Hi Michael.  No,  I cannot record anything on YouTube.  I've asked for help again several times and am completely ignored.  Really is sad because I've owned PlayOn since about 2009 so you would think they would help.

    Another bad thing is if they offer you help, they will basically "read from a script" the same things to try over and over and over and it will take a day or two between your reply to the tasks to get the next line of the script to try.

    I suspect Google is blocking PlayOn and PlayOn either has not found a way around it, or has given up.

    Good luck.

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