Record multiple shows/movies at once


Feature Request:

Permit multiple recordings to occur simultaneously.



Reduce recording time.  Currently, if I needed to suddenly leave for a few days I would need the total cinematic run time of the content I wanted to bring with me in order to record it for the trip.

Improve initial library growth pain.  A new user joining the PlayOn family will need days, weeks, months of time to build a good library.  Having had PlayOn for many years but only now deciding to try and start a library am I myself feeling this immense pain.

Shared user experience.  If a family member wants something recorded and I do as well, whomever sets theirs second has to wait for the others content to complete before their's even begins to record.

Utilize channels that offer multiple viewing device connections.  Allowing users to set their number of recordings to match their number of permitted streaming devices perhaps in the advanced settings section with a warning that video quality may be impacted.

  - This would severely help someone like me with a powerful server and 10 device limit on Hulu alone.  Wife... Kids... Family sets recordings and my show is now 4 days out from recording.



C: Users may deprecate their own experience by setting multiple concurrent recordings without the proper hardware.

R: There is a current hardware evaluation tool which could easily be expanded to include a suggested concurrent recording count.

C: Users may exceed the threshold for the number of devices permitted to access a single channel.

R: This is already an issue as users watch from other devices potentially meeting the threshold.  While this raises the odds a disclaimer when setting the max should be sufficient for anyone who is sifting an advanced-settings menu.


I hope this is helpful, and I'm happy to discuss further if there's any questions or to hear any opinions.

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    J. Carter

    Recording multiple streams would be a huge benefit.

    Even simply allowing multiple recordings from different services would be an improvement and sidestep the potential pitfalls of reaching the maximum concurrent recordings of a single service.

    It would also help with recording priority in the queue.  If I add an entire season of a lower-priority show, just to keep the queue recording, newer, higher-priority shows being added by subscriptions might not record for an entire day.  Allowing multiple recordings from different sources would allow newer content to be recorded without manually reorganizing the queue, or waiting for the other season to finish.

    I would much rather run my PC late at night, recording four streams for six hours while everyone is asleep than run a single stream for 24 hours.

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