Crunchyroll records with commercials even with paid account

I have reported numerous times that chrunchyroll records with commercials even though I have a paid account. It started about 4 weeks ago and my numerous tickets have been ignored. I hate to pay for chrunchyroll and get all advertisements. IT seems that crunchyroll has implemented some java script that causes the recording to pause for 47 seconds every time, therby causing Playon to time out and give up. The plugin fails the Playon "Login" test as well. I don't think it's that hard of a fix due to the simplistic way it's preventing Playon from recording ad free. I should mention that it does record.. just everything has advertisements. It also has really annoying pauses in the movies/animes.

I will cancel my paid account to crunchyroll since they have blocked my legal right to make a time shifted copy for me to watch at my leisure. In lieu of this I would MUCH rather get Playon to get busy (after 4 weeks of silence) to resolve this issue with their plug in. It's not hard. I can watch ad free when I am NOT using playon, Only  Playon browser is sent the ad infested video stream. 



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    K Bone

    does your crunchyroll still work, i installed it ver. and i cant get it to record anything, everything is 5hours long

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