New Configuration Request (Visible.mmt)

When receiving support in the past, I was directed to use the "visible.mmt" file.  I have found this to be a great function to have.  It makes the recording window visible and allows the user to see what is blocking the recording of the interested video and possibly take quick action or better support communication.  It would be nice if the option/configuration for the use of the visible.mmt file could be a configuration or switch in the settings menu to activate and deactivate.


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    Bradley Korn

    Now that's a really great suggestion, that I doubt anyone at PlayOn will take seriously. Once I was informed of how to use visible.mmt on a support request last year, I have used it myself, along with the key combination when restarting the service that causes some type of refresh (of what I'm not yet sure) to occur, and it drastically cuts down on the number of support requests I would put in otherwise.

    There is also the specific cache folder (buried in PlayOn's hidden AppData folder) to clear that forces the browser window PlayOn uses to re-obtain any resources that have been cached (for which it sets the expiry for a long time in the future), although I have been told that once doing this to wait an entire hour before attempting to stream the problematic source again (which works sometimes and not others). Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling PlayOn does the trick also.

    Bottom line is, I try to do as much troubleshooting and solution attempts before putting in a request.

    I realize all these tools could be very dangerous in the hands of certain users, but some of us do this kind of thing for a living. I am a developer in the Microsoft world (mostly .NET at this point) and have done my share of IE automation. It's been several years since I've done anything with IE automation, given the precipitous decline of IE's use. But that doesn't mean that IE isn't still one of the most automate-able browsers out there, and I would assume switching all the PlayOn channels from IE to Chrome represents an enormous amount of work.

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