Keyboard shortcuts

as per February 07, 2012 23:22

I too would appreciate if we can get keyboard shortcuts, Or if there are some, I have not been able to find them in two years.

For example:

P for Play

X for Delete

R for Record

T for Try Again (and automatically delete failed notification, as it will return if the try again fails, no need to have to enter T and then X)

C for Cast

(arrows) to change which active 'Channel' is shown/navigation

 (space/Enter) to select/enter the active channel

(Backspace) to return to the previous menu/channel (or back arrow)


I use a Windows remote (connected and controlling my PC), and it would be nice to be able to send commands to Playon running on my Windows PC (which broadcasts directly to my TV), without needing to move from my chair.

These would significantly reduce the amount of Mousing Needed too.

Possibly a method to define your own keyboard shortcuts to work with the various menu's 




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