Scheduling recordings on PlayOn Desktop

I have tried & tried to use Internet Download Manager 6.32, Build 6 to schedule my PlayOn downloads. I keep getting an "HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden" error. 

The only way I can access my PlayOn Cloud recording on my Desktop, Win 7, 64 bit, is to go on PlayOn Cloud on my Note 8, go to "Recordings", click on the video, & click on "resend Email" then go to the Email on the Desktop and Click on Download. The Video will begin downloading. BUT, to schedule it, I use IDM to download it during my Bonus Time (2AM - 8AM). When IDM tries to download it at the appointed time the Error message comes up & it doesn't record anything but the *.htm file. 

What I can't understand is IDM WAS recording it OK, but for the last week, the Error Message comes up. 

Is the Playon server changing it's address? 

Here's what shows up in the Chrome status bar window:


Here's what IDM shows in it's window:


How do I fix it?

There's got to be a "work around"





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