Deleting Watched Videos

I use the Roku app to view recorded videos on my TV. I am unable to delete a video from the TV app once it is watched. You have to go to the computer to delete the recording. This is very inconvenient since the computer is in another room. You should be able to delete a video recording from the TV app.


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    I have already posted a request for this issue!

    I have both PlayOn and Plex servers running on my PC. On the Plex server I have setup a channel to display videos in the PlayOn folder. By accessing the Plex app for Roku, I CAN delete the videos! This is a little clunky process but it sure beats running upstairs to my computer to delete the shows from the PlayOn program.

    I can also watch all of my PlayOn videos with Plex but the only drawback is that Plex doesn't support "Adskipper" so I have to try to fast-forward through commercials. Plex also displays "Recently Added TV" which displays what new episode of programs have been recorded.

    One other advantage to this setup is the Plex will allow me to access the PlayOn content when I travel, I just bring my Roku with me on vacation!


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    David S.

    PlayOn plus Plex FTW!

    MCEBuddy can be used to strip the commercials marked by AdSkipper. Doing so can cause the audio to get a little out of sync sometimes though.

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