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Hello!  I'm new to PlayOn but loving the service so far.  The only snag I've hit is that I cannot figure out how to enable/record subtitles for HBO GO content. 

I tried the "trick" suggested in this article:  https://support.playon.tv/hc/en-us/articles/217131197-Enabling-Closed-Captions-for-Hulu-Netflix-and-other-channels  While I am able to view the video player referenced in the article, when I hover my mouse over the video, there is no option to enable captions. 

Is this a known issue for all users, or does the trick work for some people?

Appreciate any help!


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    David S.

    Unfortunately, that technique doesn't work for all video services. What I would do for HBO content that's not available on Amazon Prime is download subtitles from a site like Podnapisi.net and use the excellent freeware "Subtitle Edit" program to adjust the offset of the timing (and make any other desired changes).

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    Frankie Bones

    Thanks for the advice, David!  I did just that yesterday using some subs from Subscene.com, and it worked marvelously especially using Visual Sync in Subtitle Edit.  Would you recommend Podnapisi over Subscene?  I've never heard of the website before.

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