Netflix not connecting today

I don't know if anyone else has noticed but Netflix appears to be down across the board. DVD.com is up and running, but the streaming site is down. I've attempted to connect on my Roku, my laptop, and my iPhone with no luck.


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    James Donahue

    As an addon to my earlier post, does Netflix have the ability to block individual IP addresses if they detect my recording with Playon?




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    I've been having similar problems and I think it happens when I queue up too many Netflix recordings at one time.  Netflix automatically locks out accounts (not IP addresses, I believe) if it detects too many logins.  It looks like it logs in every time you queue up a recording.  The good news is that the lock automatically clears itself in 24-36 hours.

    I would like to see PlayOn modify its processes so that it stays logged in for up to 5 minutes and reuses that connection, rather than making a new connection for every activity.

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