Folder audio playback should respect track numbering

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I recently went to listen to my large collection of music, but it always seems to play out of order. I have my music organized in artist-folders containing album-folders which contain the music files. The music files are tagged with the track number (#) for each album folder. When I use PlayOn to select a folder for playback, it does not allow the album to be played in the proper order. It seems to ignore the track numbers (#).

I'd really like to see you play files in a folder in their proper order album number/track number.

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    David S.

    PlayOn is only a very basic media server, except for its few special features. If you want to be able to sort files differently or other features, check out the Plex, Emby, and/or Subsonic media servers. All of three of which provide many functions for free but offer a subscription plan for various premium features.


    They can coexist with PlayOn. I use Plex to watch most of what I record with PlayOn.

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