1080p support?

So, is there any plan to support 1080p (which is completely doable so don't trot out the hardware can't handle it lame excuse) or...can someone provide alternatives to Playon that does support 1080p recording?

Watching 720p on large tvs is horribly pixelated (unless playon's target audience is people who watch tv on their phones?)

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    Jack Grimes

    I actually tried using a screen recorder on a 1080p movie but the frame rate and color smoothness didn't hold up. So far nothing that does what playon does. I totally agree with you on theirel "it will take a beefy CPU" excuse, most of us have that by now, and most of us have decent hardware gpus also. I'm recording one of my own purchases from Amazon right now, using an 8th generation i7 and a Nvidia GTX 750 ti, the CPU usage is at 10%, and the GPU usage is at 4%. Playon wood actually do well to upgrade to 1080p, I almost didn't subscribe to the service because it couldn't do 1080p, and searched everywhere for an alternative before I finally decided 720p was marginally acceptable.

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