Useless software without faster downloading and multi threading.

Why can't we download more than 1 stream at once. the only conceivable reason I can think not to use multithreading to download is maybe playon has some agreement with the content providers? but I HIGHLY doubt the providers condone it.  thus since providers all offer multiple streams at once, why in the hell are we stuck limited to 1 download.  Not just 1 download per stream, but 1 download at a time.

and not a download that will get the TS part it needs, then request the next, then download it, thus speeding up downloads hundreds of times over, instead it just streams it like it was playing in a browser.

If this was what I wanted I would have just downloaded it from the browser streams. smh 

this is a useless piece of crap and I regret buying it... but if you ever add these features I'll happily reinstall it.

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    also no HDR or 4k content... and no options to reencode to something that uses less space. so much wasted compute time in this program, you'd think maybe you could have it convert to different codecs or something while it downloads, since it literally takes 30 minutes to download a 30 minute program whether you have a gigabit connection or a megabit.

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