Vudu throws HDCP error when recording?

I download holiday things I have bought because Vudu itself doesn't sort well (no way to create a Halloween collection, for example) but when I go to record now it stops after 45 seconds or so. In watching through Playon to test I get the dreaded Oops! error about HDCP with a checkbox to switch to SD (I am on HDMI) but when recording there seems to be no way for it to do that automatically. Setting Video Quality to Low and Auto just for fun did nothing. Netlfix, Hulu, et al. work fine.

If I try to play Vudu through Playon on my TV it throws the same error  (no way to click 'switch to SD', of course) even though actual Vudu plays fine, so is it the way Playon itself accesses the service?

Is there a workaround or is it another channel that we just have to write off?


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    Ryan Nutick

    I'm also having this issue.  And it's now several months later.  Is there any more information about how to properly resolve this, or at least a work-around?

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    I record Vudu things first and then manually click the box. Since the recording is in real time you know when to come back if there is another one. Don't spend $300 on a new graphics card to solve HDCP, that didn't fix it. Everything else queues up fine for midnights and records. 

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