New Channels-USA, IMDB, FreeForm, Hallmark channels, DirectTV, TBS, TNT, Frndly, Boomerang

Many of these channels used to be on the Playon server and were removed.  Please add these channels.


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    Larry Horowitz

    Thank you Tracy.  I've had PlayOn for a couple of years, but I don't recall ever seeing Hallmark or Frndly.  I have separately asked PlayOn to add the Frndly streaming service.  As you know, Frndly is one of the few streaming services that includes all three Hallmark channels (Hallmark Channel, HM Movies & Mysteries, and HM Drama).

    If other PlayOn users would like access to Hallmark programming, please vote in favor of Tracy's request, and chime in and let PlayOn know.  Trevor with PlayOn responded to my request to add Frndly by suggesting that I post here on the PlayOn forum.  Trevor wrote,

    "Thank you for the suggestion! We're always looking for new ideas. Please post any suggestions here: http://support.playon.tv/forums/342633-feature-requests. Just click the "suggest an idea" button. But before you do, please check to see if anyone else has suggested a similar idea. If someone else has then vote for that idea. If no one else has suggested it, then please suggest it and other customers can vote for your idea."

    Apparently, PlayOn is interested in our "vote", so if you'd like access to Hallmark programming, please vote by adding your comment to Tracy's post.

    I have also contacted Frndly at support@frndlytv.freshdesk.com and requested they make their streaming service available to PlayOn users.  Please consider contacting Frndly as well.


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    I  vote for this also  I do remember a few of those and wonder why they disappeared.

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    Michael Spangler

    Yes please

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    frndly TV Family

    Frndly TV is fabulous! Please add it so we can subscribe to PlayOn!

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    Yes. This is a logical and good add to the lineup. It is inexpensive and family-friendly.

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