Build 1080P and Possibly 5.1 into Cloud Offering

I know that 1080P and even 4K has been suggested by many (along with 5.1 audio), but the vast disparity in users home PC's would make that a challenge not easily overcome in the PC-based Playon.

But since Playon controls their own hardware/software in the Cloud environment, they should be able to provide the adequate resources to record and create the 1080p and maybe even the 4K recordings requested through the Playon Cloud.

They may even be able to simulate a Roku Ultra or Fire TV HD connecting to the service rather than a web-browser to get 5.1 Audio.

Of course, we, as customers, would expect to pay additionally for the 1080P/4K and 5.1 recordings over the standard stereo 720P we now get with the PC and with the Cloud.  I personally would be glad to pay an additional 50% more per recording to get the recordings I really want to have.

It would also provide a future for Cloud and also kickstart the Cloud storage side of the business as well.

One client and a known set of hardware/software (Playon own)  should make the development for this a lot easier.


Please think through this before we lose Playon totally.






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