Custom recording outside a channel (ability to record user specified url/div) from Playon Desktop

I guess playon desktop used to support browser plugins and perhaps even had some user created channels, but I don't see any way to manually record content unless there is a channel now, and that's the feature I want most. Other screen recording options, in addition to not being batchable and scheduleable, often produce audio sync issues, while playon's recording engine is very reliable. I really wish I could use it for anything, not just content in a channel now. 

For example, right now, byutv has the streaming rights to Granite Flats. I don't want to request a channel for byutv, because that's the only content of interest they have, and currently, I'm requesting fixes to existing broadcast channels every few weeks it seems, don't want to distract from keeping those channels up and running. 

But being able to input a URL, visibly select the video portion of the window, check the output, ensure the title is right, select the recording folder, then queue for recording would be fantastic. I might even settle for having to input the video player div along with the URL as long as I could still preview the output before recording. I have lifetime, I'd happily pay a one time extra fee to get a manual recording option that, unlike the browser plugins, would continue to function without ongoing maintenance. If it were high enough quality, I could see paying as much as $20 for the addon. This would also allow users to workaround channels being temporarily broken without waiting for the fix to come through. 

Thank you for your consideration. 


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    Ron Brown

    This would be a great thing. There should be a way to do this. Also if you could cast from an android device to playon desktop, this would be great too.

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    I am onboard for this idea and would also gladly pay an increased fee on my lifetime subscription(s) to have this option added/available.

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