Playon Software to act as a ChromeCast so you can 'Cast to Playon' and record

Not sure if this is possible, but was wondering if PlayOn could develop a reverse type Chrome Cast so the Playon Server / Software is detected as a ChromeCast device, so ANY website that you can ‘cast’ from, could cast to PlayOn and be recorded?

For example, in New Zealand there are a few Online services that you do not offer plugin or channel options for, but there are some local content that I would have love to record.
They offer a casting option, and I was thinking, if you could make Playon a ‘ChromeCast’ and as soon as it detects however chromecast triggers playback on the device, PlayOn records the incoming stream for later playback.

Not sure if this possible but would love to be able to record content from channels you don’t have listed, and most likely wont due to our population base, but it means anything and almost everything could be recorded :)


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