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Dish Network channel PlayOn Support (Russ) 4 comments 3 votes Not planned
Auto-redownloading Cowboy77 5 comments 21 votes Not planned
Multiple file selection Cowboy77 2 comments 3 votes Not planned
Keyboard shortcuts Cowboy77 0 comments 1 vote None
Multiple file recordings Cowboy77 6 comments 7 votes Not planned
File search Cowboy77 0 comments 1 vote None
Auto-shut off Cowboy77 4 comments 4 votes Not planned
Renaming files Cowboy77 23 comments 9 votes Completed
Play all in a folder and/or playlists Steve Murphy 1 comment 0 votes Not planned
Recording to folders Steve Murphy 14 comments 30 votes Planned
auto-recording Steve Murphy 17 comments 62 votes Planned